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How to Pamper Yourself This Fall

It is fall, which means you should be snuggling, frolicking and relaxing; here are some products that will make your hectic day become the perfect pamper night.

1.Relax with a Tea Bath 

I have recently fallen in love with Organic Tub Tea from Beach Baby Bath and Body. It comes in a package with six different teas infused with skin-nourishing herbs and salts, contained inside a teabag, so no mess, making it a win-win product.

2.Pick up an Aromatherapy Gemstone Bracelet  

The bracelet combines gems and crystals with natural lava rock, which makes you feel less angry and helps you bounce back from life’s anxieties. You add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the lava rocks, such as lavender when trying to relax or grapefruit oil to wake up. The bracelet has become a staple in my routine, something I can wear at home or out running errands, to make me feel a little special.

3.Feel silky smooth with a Lovebee Rose Geranium Body Oil 

Unfortunately, the cooler weather can leave our skin quenching for thirst. I stopped turning to bland moisturizers and decided to try body oil. Not only does it give my skin the nourishment it needs but has numerous added benefits. My favourite is Lovebees Rose Geranium Body Oil, which is organic, free of chemicals, and made with natural ingredients, which help relax your mind, and reduces stress. It also helps fine lines, softens, and firm skin; so basically, it’s a miracle product.

4.Detoxify with Earth to Body’s Clay-Neem Facial Mask 

I think we can all agree, face masks are wonderful, they detox and smooth your skin, have essential oils to relax you, make you glow, and some how you feel ten years younger. Not only are the results wonderful, the whole process soothes me. Recently I tried Earth to Body’s Clay facial mask, which is an oatmeal base mixture, you just add water, and if you are feeling risky, you can add avocados, strawberries, or apple cider vinegar to step it up a notch. When I know I have a night to myself, I love lighting a smelly candle, apply my favourite facial mask, read a book, or even give myself a little pedicure and I feel like a whole new person ready to brace my week ahead.

5.Enjoy a glass of Cuddy Sparkling Riesling from Tawse Winery 

Music and wine all in one, isn’t that what dreams are made of? Put on your favourite Jim Cuddy song, grab the fluffiest blanket you own and curl up with a glass of Cuddy Sparkling Riesling from Tawse Winery to end your night. Feel the hints of apple and brioche trickle down your throat and simply just enjoy.

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Author: Mackenzie Adams