JOIN US Oct 11-14, 2024.
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The Rules & Guidelines

Application Guidelines

  1. You must be the crafter/designer and must be involved in all aspects of the creation of your product.
  2. Imported or commercially manufactured goods will NOT be accepted.
  3. Goods made from commercial kits or molds will NOT be accepted.
  4. Products must be crafted by the artisan himself/herself. Distributors of other artisan’s work are not eligible to apply. Buy-and-sell products are NOT allowed.
  5. Only items submitted for jurying are to be displayed and sold. The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority may remove any item not deemed acceptable.
  6. Exhibitor acceptance may be conditional upon the sale of specific items selected by the Committee.
  7. Exhibitors are expected to participate for the duration of the event.  Exhibitors must not close or remove any part of display until after show closing.  Every effort shall be made to operate the event. Should the NPCA deem it necessary to cancel or alter the operation of same in any way, the NPCA will not provide any compensation for loss of income, nor will space fees be refunded.
  8. Decisions made by the Selection Committee will be FINAL.
  9. Your acceptance disallows your work being displayed or sold at any other local show within a 12km radius of Ball’s Falls between September and October 22 each year.
  10. The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority will undertake to provide reasonable security during the festival but will not be liable for loss or damage due to vandalism, fire, flood, theft or act of God.
  11. Exhibitors must ensure that they have adequate liability and property insurance and assume full responsibility for any damages while on NPCA property.  Exhibitors agree to hold harmless the NPCA from any claims arising from their participation while participating in the Thanksgiving Festival on NPCA property.
  12. It is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to keep their exhibit clean, safe and free of hazards.
  13. All vendors making sales to the public are responsible for appropriate permits, required product labels and collection of all appropriate sales tax.  Vendor permits must be displayed and if applicable, tax registration number printed on receipts.  Exhibitors are responsible for their own credit/debit card services.
  14. Space sharing is not permitted. Only one vendor per booth is allowed. All products being sold within your booth, must be handmade by him/herself.
  15. The NPCA reserves the right to relocate exhibitors.
  16. The price of work on display should not be altered “for quick sale” or be marked “reduced”. The sale of “seconds” is not acceptable.
  17. Display units must not extend beyond the allotted space. All tent exhibitors must limit display height to 7′ where roof slopes to meet side walls. No exceptions.  Canopies may be erected inside large tents.
  18. Raffle lotteries or sale of any tickets is not permitted.
  19. No parking on festival grounds. Vehicle will be towed at the owner’s’ expense.
  20. Parking must be contained to the vendor parking area ONLY. Parking Pass must be visible with company name showing. If permit is not visible, vehicle will be towed at the owner’s’ expense.
  21. No pets are allowed on the festival grounds. This applies to both exhibitors and the public during show hours.

Please Note:

All Booth Prices Include:

  • 1 Parking pass for one normal size vehicle. Additional permits $25.
  • 4 Weekend admission passes.
  • Overnight Security from Wednesday to Sunday.
  • Pre-Show Advertising
  • Visitor Program
  • Online Website Listing

Barn and Tent Booth Price Includes:

  • All the above, plus
  • Covered Accommodations
  • Voltage for lighting only

*Please note that as a condition of your acceptance, you will be required to sign an Exhibitor Agreement that disallows your work being displayed or sold at any other local show within a 12km radius of Ball’s Falls between September and October of each year.