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Vendor FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions



Why should I apply to the Ball’s Falls Thanksgiving Festival?

It’s your chance to be part of Niagara’s largest homecoming tradition by participating in a long-standing event that has a reputation for excellent sales, outstanding quality, and uniqueness. The event features more than 170 artisans, food concessions, children’s activities, live entertainment, and community partners. 75% of the Vendors rate their value for money to participate at the festival as good, great or excellent, and more than 25% of the vendors rated their sales as excellent while another 60% rated their sales as good or very good. Over 90% were very satisfied or satisfied with their overall event experience.

What are your acceptance criteria? 

We encourage you to read through the applications guidelines to determine the criteria for each type of vendor. Applications Guidelines can be found on the thanksgivingfestival.ca website.

What other qualifications will give my application the best chance of accepted?

Tell your story, be concise, but descriptive in what you create. Remember, we chose artisans based on their uniqueness, salability and the process in which your product is created. We look for high quality vendors.

As a new applicant, do I have a chance of getting in? 

We always have some turn over and room for new applicants. It’s important that we constantly change the compliment of vendors that make up our event. This ensures we have a fresh look, season after season, and that our vendors are offering products that encourage shoppers to buy.

What other costs are associated with doing the show?

There are additional add-ons, should you like them. For example, if you need extra parking passes, they are $25 for the duration of the event. Should you choose to camp overnight at the event, there is a $100 fee. All fees are listed in the Application Guidelines.

Is my booth space outdoors?

It could be! If you are Concessionaire, Farmer’s Market Vendor or an Outdoor Artisan Vendor, you have been allocated an outdoor booth space. Cover/tents are for you to arrange. Booth Spaces within the Barn are completely protected from the elements, while tent spaces are within a large marquis tent.

Can I drive up to my booth space to load in and load out?

Yes. All vehicles must be off the festival grounds by 9:30am daily and are not allowed to return to the festival grounds until 5:30pm, or until the festival coordinator deems it safe.

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