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Three Things You Can do in Niagara this Thanksgiving Weekend 

Thanksgiving weekend is finally here! Typically, this would mean a full house, trying to figure out how to cook a turkey, mashed potatoes, several different kinds of pies, and lots of laughs. However, this year our circles are a bit smaller and instead of doing big hoopla’s, we’re planning intimate gatherings. If you want to plan a fun-filled weekend with your closest friends and family, here are three things you can do in Niagara to celebrate Thanksgiving a little differently.

1. Explore Flat Rock Cellars

Go explore one of the most magnificent wineries in the Niagara Region, and cheers to all that you are thankful for! Indulge in a tasting on the Green Roof Patio, explore the outdoor space, and enjoy the view. Better yet, book one of their four tours that are unique to your palette and display a different sector of the winery… they will not disappoint.

2. Book a Heritage Tour at Ball’s Fall’s Thanksgiving Festival

Don’t you feel like we’re living in a different universe lately? So why not travel a little further and experience how Thanksgiving was celebrated in the 1840s. Take a walk along the Twenty Mile Creek and explore the Black Smith Shop to see blacksmiths in action. Visit the Grist Mill as it only runs on Thanksgiving weekend, and bask in awe at the architecture of a historical church and log cabin among a few other original historical buildings. Finally, learn how the Niagara Handweavers and Spinners create immaculate garments. Don’t fret; tours are in groups of ten to ensure everyone is at safe distance. Purchase tickets NOW!

3. Pick up a bag of Bud’s Kettle Corn & Head Home for Movie Night

From Sweet to Salty, Bud’s Kettle Corn has a bag for everyone. Made here in Fort Erie, from fresh homegrown corn kernels and comes in a variety of flavors. What a treat, especially when you don’t feel like baking. Grab a bag on your way home, pop in your favorite classic movie, and throw the ultimate movie night, and remember all the good things we can celebrate this Thanksgiving.


Author: Mackenzie Adams