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Approved Vendor Information

Congrats! You’re IN!

Here’s what you need to know

It’s important you review the Exhibitor Agreement information, found here.

All vendors must supply

  • Tents (unless in NPCA tents or barns)
  • Extension cords
  • Furniture for the festival

We cannot guarantee returning vendors will be provided the same space allocation as they have received in past years. Acceptance to past Thanksgiving Festival’s does not guarantee space at the current festival.

All selected vendors must:

  • Collect and submit their own HST.
  • Display permits
  • Print tax registration number on receipts.

Additionally, Food Vendors must:

  • Ensure the maintenance and cleaning within their concession, serving and eating area
  • Be responsible for removal of all grease, oil and by-products from park
  • Dispose of grey water in the designated area.
  • Supervise all concessions staff as to their dress and conduct so as to maintain a high standard of cleanliness, courteousness, and efficiency.
  • Confine all concession activities to within the limits of the space they have been allocated.
  • Ensure that all food/beverage supplies necessary to operate the concession are transported into the park by 9:30 AM daily. This will eliminate traffic flow problems during the event
  • Operate the concession at least from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily during the event. Hours may be extended subject to NPCA approval.
  • Provide all labour, small equipment/appliances, appropriate size/length cable for hydro hook-ups and goods for sale.
  • Vendors must park in the designated Vendor Parking lots.
  • Each vendor will be required to sign a Food Concession Agreement with the NPCA, which will include the items contained in the Concession Vendor Application and Guide and the conditions listed in the submission. The agreement shall be for the duration of the Thanksgiving Festival and commission return deadline.

Please Note:

All Booth Prices Include:

  • 1 Parking pass for one normal size vehicle. Additional permits $25.
  • 4 Weekend admission passes.
  • Overnight Security from Wednesday to Sunday.
  • Pre-Show Advertising
  • Visitor Program
  • Online Website Listing

Barn and Tent Booth Price Includes:

  • All the above, plus
  • Covered Accommodations
  • Voltage for lighting only

Health Regulations

All food vendors must complete the Niagara Public Health Vendor information package prior to September 27, 2023.

  • Vendors must abide by the Niagara Region’s existing health regulations;
  • All food vendors serving “high risk foods” must have their food handler’s certificate with them for the duration of the event.
  • Health inspectors will conduct inspections during the event.  They will close any booth that does not meet existing health regulations.
  • Hand washing stations must be present in each food vendor’s booth and food must be kept at the correct temperatures (as set out by the Niagara Public Health’s Vendor Package)